Phuket Part Two

Arrived at Phuket airport on 26th November and jumped in a taxi to the Marriott Hotel. My Dad had only arrived two hours before me so he was a bit shocked when I rang their hotel room and said “I’m in reception, whats your room number.”

This was 4 days of absolutely pissing it up, the scuba diving was a life changing experience.

Pissing it up the wall



One up the bum no harm done

I love the way you can just pull girls over on motorbikes and say “I’m driving.” I nearly ended up crashing as I forgot Thailand was back on the left hand side of the road. The girl was like “What the fuck are you doing, where are you taking me.” I just said “We’re going round the block, thanks.”


Letting off some rounds


Taliban Training Camp

Message for Christie

I thought I would teach my Dad how to use the cross fader in a club and it ended up in a fight outside with some Thai wanker with a baseball bat demanding 5000 baht for breaking his sound system. This was my cue to leave for Cambodia the next day as I thought I had caused enough trouble here.

Dad mixing

Phuket Part Two

We revisited Phuket for my 2nd time with the girls where we stayed for 3 nights. We hit a sex show where I was put off vag for life. I was subject to birds, ells, darts popping balloons, cigarettes being smoked, horns being blown and hamsters all coming from a rancid old minge.
After this disgusting show we went to a club and had a good dance. Jacqui must of hit a spiked bucket again as she was glancing into the lights like they were going to beam her into space (Think someones been hanging around Daniel from Utopia to long). Jacqui tried to set the straw roof on fire but was caught by a Thai. Lucky this was not another baseball bat incident.

Vicki and Jacqui


My broken glasses

Broken glasses

Lauren, Vicki and Jacqui

Jacqui fighting

Vicki had to leave us here to travel to Laos so we got an early morning wake up call when Vicki’s cab had been waiting for half hour outside. I thought I would check which time checkout was and asked the lady who replied: “Anytime.” This turned out to be bullshit as I was charged for over staying when I handed the key in. We ended up staying a 3rd night as we had missed the boats to Phi Phi that day.


4 Responses to Phuket

  1. jacqui says:

    i believe it was my fault we missed the boat.. hungry vag was at it again hahahah

  2. murph says:

    Why havent u written about our last stint in bangkok where you met Mickey your new boyfriend? lol

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